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The Trauma workgroup is focused on the mental and emotional health of Cranston residents, as well as factors that can influence this. Life can be hard at times, and the Trauma group is there to support in any way they can.

Group Hug

Why focus on trauma
in Cranston?


of residents report issues of racism


report mental




report domestic


What We're Working On


Naloxone PSA Series

To increase residents awareness on overdose prevention and how to use and get Narcan - we worked alongside Parent Support Network of RI to create a three-part PSA series. 

If you would like to watch the videos, please click here.

What We've Done

Objective 1: Reduce overdoses by increasing awareness and access

Strategies: Stigma Training with the Cranston Fire Department, and provide Narcan and resource packets to keep at the Cranston Fire Stations

Impact Area(s): Expanding first responder skill sets while decreasing burnout, and increasing access to overdose prevention resources

Outcome/ Evaluation: Six stigma trainings were provided to the Fire Department with over 100 firefighters trained, and 500 Narcan/ resource packets were created and distributed between the six fire stations

Partners: R.E.S.T, Parent Support Network of RI, Project Weber Renew, Cranston Fire Department, Anchor Recovery

Objective 2: Improve mental health by increasing awareness, access, and protective factors

Strategies: Hold monthly Stress Down days, and organize Emotional Safety 101 workshops

Impact Area(s): Provide community with tools to proactively manage their emotional and mental health, and increase mental health awareness

Outcome/ Evaluation: Held 10 Stress Down Days and reached out to over 400 residents, held four Emotional Safety 101 workshops that had a total of 50 participants

Partners: CCAP Behavioral Health, Cranston Substance Abuse Task Force

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Our Proud Backbone Agency
CCAP trans;parent.png

Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP) is proud to be the backbone agency for the Cranston Health Equity Zone. CCAP is one of Rhode Island’s largest organizations dedicated solely to fighting the war on poverty. We provide a wide spectrum of services and benefits that are designed to help those in immediate need and empower anyone desiring to become more self-sufficient.

For a full list of CCAP programs and services, please visit here.

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Main Office

1090 Cranston Street

Cranston, RI 02920

(401) 714 - 7004

Family Support Center

70 Gansett Avenue

Cranston, RI 02920

(401) 642- 7595

Staff not always in office. Please call ahead.

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The OneCranston Health Equity Zone is funded by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

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