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Community Connectors

The Community Connector initative works with the intention that all residents of Cranston feel connected to their community. They plan workshops and events on an array of topics such as Housing, Racial Equity, and History to increase conversations between neighbors and build understanding.  

Support Group

why focus on connecting Cranston's community?


residents feel the way to solve all problems in the community is by increasing community connection

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what we're doing

Author Interview
Racial & Gender Equity Book Club

By engaging residents to read books and consume other media that reflect stories of diverse cultures, genders, sexualities, and class statuses, we can start important conversations within the community to better understand one another’s identities and experience to both relate to each other and develop greater empathy and respect for their neighbors, peers, and strangers.


Choosing books that appeal to different and/or overlapping age groups will help to encourage mindsets of equity and inclusion on a multigenerational level and positively impact community connection and mutual respect. 

Community Conversation Series

"Real Conversations Between Local Experts & Residents"

Come hear from local experts, many of whom are also Cranston residents, and have an informal discussion with them.  Share your questions and thoughts about what is important to you, and how this all connects to our City’s wellbeing and future success.

Group Discussion
Video Personality
Humans of Cranston

We wanted to start a project that would allow residents, community organizations, and other communities to have the perspective on the lives of the Cranston neighborhood. Just like the popular 'Humans of New York,' this photoblog will be revolved around highlighting the daily lives of residents and partners working and living within Cranston.

what we've done

Year 1
Our Proud Backbone Agency
CCAP trans;parent.png

Comprehensive Community Action Program (CCAP) is proud to be the backbone agency for the Cranston Health Equity Zone. CCAP is one of Rhode Island’s largest organizations dedicated solely to fighting the war on poverty. We provide a wide spectrum of services and benefits that are designed to help those in immediate need and empower anyone desiring to become more self-sufficient.

For a full list of CCAP programs and services, please visit here.

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Main Office

1090 Cranston Street

Cranston, RI 02920

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Family Support Center

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Cranston, RI 02920

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The OneCranston Health Equity Zone is funded by the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Staff not always in office. Please call ahead.

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